Photonic Sensing Technology

Contemporary scientific advances have demonstrated the broad range of monitoring capabilities of fiber optic sensors.  Whether attached or embedded, cold or hot, static or dynamic, sensing elements hosted within human hair sized optical fiber provides a wide breadth of information.  Despite this potential, interfaces that translate the optical data and broadcast useful information are still primarily research or laboratory class equipment, with uncommon user interfaces.

Therefore, one of our charters is to create a new paradigm for fiber optic sensing hardware to proliferate advanced sensing capabilities in the field, for both common and extreme environments.  We aim to displace contemporary rackmount and benchtop form factors by developing the necessary integration technologies to produce miniature multifunctional devices encased in rugged and lightweight packaging.

The resulting field capable photonic sensing hubs are designed from the ground up as user friendly appliances, in which the advanced photonics platform is coupled with customizable edge intelligence.  Built in remote management capabilities will support efficient wide area deployment for civilian and aerospace applications over constrained or intermittent connectivity.